Smoking is not allowed in any part of the facility.

Due to problems from people not picking up after themselves (parents, dancers, and siblings), absolutely no food or sports drinks are allowed. All water bottles are allowed.

Dancers must use the available cubbies if leaving their belongings in the waiting area. No items are to be left on the benches, table, or floor. If there are no cubbies available, please use the dressing room.

Do not leave hairpins, empty water bottles, clothing, etc., in the studios or dressing room. You are responsible for your items and are expected to pick up after yourself.

Please - no running inside or outside the studio.

Street shoes are not to be worn in the studios. Students must wear dance shoes only; parents and siblings are asked to remove their street shoes if they enter a studio. In order to keep their dance shoes in good shape, students should not wear them outside of the facility.

Animals are not allowed in the studios or parking lot.

Everyone is welcome to be in our waiting area; however, parents assume full responsibility for the actions and behavior of all children under their supervision. Parents will be asked to remove children for rowdy behavior or excessive noise - noise is disruptive to the dance classes or any other function at the studio.

Parents assume all responsibility for breakage of studio property or damage to the facility done by their children enrolled or otherwise. Only dancers are allowed in the studios and dressing area. Siblings and friends are asked to remain in the waiting area.

For the safety of all children, no one is permitted to stand on any furniture in the lobby area.

Anyone caught stealing will be prosecuted.

2019-2020 class schedule can be downloaded here
(revised 9/3/19)

2019-2020 registration form can be downloaded here

7th Annual Production of Alice rehearsal schedule & cast list is posted here

Summer Camps 2020 registration forms are posted here 

Nutcracker 2019 photos by Kerry Long Photography are available for purchase here.
A huge thank you Kerry for your beautiful photos!

Recital 2019 video albums are available at the links below!

2019-2020 dress code is posted here

full length movie of our 37th annual production of the nutcracker can be viewed here